At one point when I went on this tour, I said out loud, “If I’m ever having a bad day, I have to think of this exact moment right now”.

Today, I’m trying REALLY hard to remember that moment. Because, for no reason (other than I’m tired and stressed), I’m having THE WORST day ever. I’m frustrated with about thirty things (Or forty. Or fifty. Or three hundred and twelve). This week is also providing some challenges that I just don’t feel like dealing with. And I’ve been here seven weeks and still have another one to go.

I’m doing what I normally do when I’m having a crappy time. I try to be extra smiley with the security guards and cleaning ladies, exchange stories with the national staff about Canadian life vs. Malagasy life, buy myself a Coke Zero at lunch, and try to not count down the days until I leave (8). And most especially, try to remember to this perfect day. That perfect day is just ONE of the three hundred and twelve reasons why it’s an amazing opportunity to be here doing what I’m doing.