Looks like Toamasina is in for a bit of a weather party!! Cyclone Bingiza is on it's way! (Does anyone know how cyclones get named? I googled it and got nothing??!)

Yellow means cyclone level 1 (there are 6 levels), blue means tropical storm (average winds of 102km/hour and wind gusts of up to 130km/hour), and green means a tropical depression, which I only understand as just like….a big storm.
Look a little closer….the blue is pretty much right on Toamasina. The actual peak of the storm isn’t expected until Tuesday.
Right now, it’s calm, warm, humid. Barely a wind...

Should be interesting to see what unfolds. No reason to worry, we have backup generators (so that I can watch Glee on DVD), a ton of water and food stockpiled, and window coverings. I think we’re good for just about anything.

Oh, and the interim president of Madagascar is coming to town tomorrow. Can't wait to see what kind of craziness that brings.