It doesn't get any better....

I had a rough week last week. And this week, work hasn't been all that fabulous.

But tonight, is another story. I just went for an awesome 31 minute run (successfully completed in +29*C heat, +44*C with humidity factor!!!!), I ate crackers and cheese for supper (eaten in bed), I'm currently sipping on Baileys on ice and watching my very first episode of Glee (I saw one episode when I was in Belgium and fell in love).

At this very moment, I don't think life could get much better.

Oh - and to make things even sweeter - Sergio is in the kitchen right now, baking me a birthday cake, from scratch, for tomorrow.

Yay for tonight.

Also....yah, yah, yah...age is just a number...but if I were in Canada....I wouldn't officially turn 31 for an entire ten hours longer. I guess I'll just soak up being 30 (and not 31 - which now officially makes me "in my thirties" - urgh) for as long as I can tonight.

Ok, Glee is calling me and the ice in my Baileys is melting. Goodnight!

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  1. Enjoy your Baily's and ice and your birthday cake that the boy is baking but most of all enjoy your entire year and all of your 30's Love from all your family back home and your G&Gxxoo