It's that time of the year again....

Although there is no "official" malaria season, and the risk is technically there all year round, it becomes more prominent late January - March. Rumor has it that there have been 16 cases of malaria in the last couple of weeks so it's time to start taking my medication again. I'm pretty awful at remembering to make medication, so Sergio has programmed my phone for an alarm to go off to make me remember to take my pills.

I have three options for anti-malarial medication.
The first is Larium. It's taken once per week, and many experience psycho side effects like night terrors, vivid dreams, hallucinations, and depression. Um, no thanks, I already get enough of that on my crappy days at work, so I'll pass on that one.

Next up is Malarone. I took this one when I first came here. I made the mistake of not taking it on a full stomach and had projectile vomit mid-air during take-off. (I seriously am obsessed with talking about puke for some reason!). It made me a bit apprehensive about the drug... and it made me have crazy dreams. But fun crazy dreams? They were never nightmares. Just very random and weird! I vividly remember one where Hulk Hogan was like the hottest guy on the planet and I was totally trying to date him. I almost wanted to go back to sleep so I could find out what happened with this one!

The last option is Doxycylcine. It has side effects like heart burn, sun sensitivity (good thing I work until it's dark out every single night...:( ) and a few others. I took this last year and had ZERO side effects. More good news? It's also used to treat acne, syphlis AND clamydia. Kill three birds with one stone!! Or four, if you count the anti-malaria properties!! Kidding, kidding....

I'll take this medication for the week that I'm here and maybe a month after I get back, and then I'll go back to spraying myself with mosquito spray and leaving it at that. There are no studies on the long term effects of these drugs, so taking it forever is not an option. Also, now that I've learned a bit more about Malaria, it isn't like the SCARIEST thing in the world that I thought it was (like..last year). Of course, I don't want anything to do with it, but I've realized that early detection is key. With all of my Malagasy stomach parties, I know very well now to go to the doctor NOW whenever you don't feel right.

Anyway, that's all that's new with me. Well, I have one more thing, but I have to wait until I stop crying about until I can really write about it. A friend's contract is up and he's leaving at the end of March. I've been pretty bummed out about it. It's not the end of the world, but I'm heavy on the dramatics, so I'm sure I've been a peach to be around this past week... will write more about that later. Right now I have to go and get ready for Sergio & I's favorite show, The Dog Whisperer. Seriously - if you have not watched that show - find it, watch it, and you'll love it.

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  1. Good luck with your medications. We are in the middle of a bad March and are all hoping it smartens up before you get here. Sounds like the cousins are going sking with you. Have a good trip home. See you soon. Love G@G xxoo