Looking for A Sub-Contractor

This weekend I was looking forward to dogsitting a friend's dog. She's calm, well trained, and sweet. BUT, when you live in a country where 95% of the dogs look like this:
And your dog looks like this:

Um...it tends to freak out the locals. I've seen children cry and grown men run into their cars when they've seen this dog. To me and you, I see nothing but a smiley, older, chubby labrador. But they see a 50kg beast. It's possible that she weighs more than 40% of the adults here (I'm totally making this statistic up in my head...but I think it's probably true).

Anyway, savage dog, also known as LC was coming to stay chez moi this weekend. This was where she was going to stay - in our guest room (I know, I know, I know, this room is A DISASTER and requires a SERIOUS organization-a-thon). Anyway, there's her bed along with her dish of water (I used bottled, but apparently she'll drink tap. It's my opinion that if it's not safe for human consumption, it's not safe for canine consumption) and food.
The problem is our cleaning lady folds all our clothes and stacks them in this room. Imagine her face (and scream) when she opens the door and she sees friendly LC come running towards her. As a preventative measure, I made a sign. Or rather asked a co-worker to make a sign to put on the door.
It reads: There will be a dog in this room for the rest of the weekend. Her name is LC and she is very friendly. You may enter if you are not afraid of dogs. If you are afraid of dogs, please do not enter.

It's in French, but also translated in Malagasy, because I'm really not convinced our cleaning lady speaks French. Whenever I speak to her in French, she responds, "No problem" in English. This pretty much means that she has no idea what I said but has possibly figured out what I'm meaning to say with my actions. 

Anyway, I came home on Friday evening to find LC, still in the room, with her bed and blanket all nicely folded, and I did not receive a screaming phone call from the cleaning lady about the vicious dog in our spare room.

Although I think we're boring poor LC, having a dog in the house this last weekend has been really nice. Both Sergio and I are tired. It's been a long rotation. A looooonnnnng rotation. So having a smiley, affectionate dog around has been a nice distraction. (Until Saturday night - she was having nightmares and woke us up with her yelping!!).

The only problem is that I KINDA forgot to ask when they were coming to pick up LC. I just assumed they meant Sunday...but they actually aren't coming back until Wednesday - and I don't know at what time. I'm flying outta the country on Wednesday, so I need to find a dogsitter for my dogsitting job. Any takers? She barely smells and doesn't bark. 

(Oh, and it's a secret from Sergio that she was up on our bed. I don't see a problem with it....he thinks it's "gross" because she's "dirty". Pffff...French guys...) 

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  1. Wow! When are you ever going 5to learn to get all the details? See you soon.It's very cold and snowey here.Travel safe. Love G@G xxoo