Super Human Recovery

My stomach might not be able to handle Madagascar (I'm sure every third blog post is about puking or visitng the toilet....), but my body has proved to have super-human strength.

I’ve heard about lots of people having small cuts get infected here – so I was *kind of* concerned about having open wounds. Especially on my hands. Hands have like ninety gazillion bacteria on them.

I wasn’t panicked enough to start picking out coffins or anything….but I was keeping a pretty close eye on them. The water we use in the village and at work is treated, but we have, in the past, received emails in the past that the treatment facility isn’t functioning properly, etc. so we can never be too sure. (Oh - Recently an expat wife sent out an email saying she only uses bottled water to wash her hair. I think this is A LITTLE extreme.)

Anyway, my horrible near-death trauma injuries have gone from this:
 To this:
 From this:
 To this:
 From this (this one actually got worse a couple of days later...):
 To this:
All in about a week. Like I said, super-human strength recovery, right?!?!!!

(And Wow. Those are some monkey-hairy legs…).

Anyway, just in case you were lying awake at night….wondering how my horrible injuries have progressed, there’s the update.

(AND NO - I’m not a baby or a princess for making such a big deal out of my injuries. :P )


  1. you are super human! my running fall last year, while bad, it wasn't as bad as this much healing in a week and your wounds look great!
    Do we call you superwoman now?

    love, mom


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