Ten Days & Fifty Six Degrees

I walked outside around 15h00 today for a meeting in town (I work about 8km outside of town). The 25 steps from my office to the car made me have sweat dripping down my back (no, that’s not TMI). Walking from one building to another made me actually have beads of sweat drip down my face!

Check this out.
This does not include the 79% humidity, which makes the 37*C, “feel like” 46*C.

Please don’t read this as if I’m complaining!

Being sweaty – isn’t the end of the world when your air conditioning works. Sunny weather – means that I’ll get enough vitamin D and have a healthy glow.

But, what the hell is my body going to do when it goes from a "feels like" +46*C to this?!?!
I'll let you know in TEN days!!

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