Brrr Canada!

Well, I've officially arrived back on Canadian soil. It's been six months!!! (Side note, Sergio thinks I'm COMPLETELY wrong about the Aye Aye.)

I'm in the Montreal airport after taking a different route. Instead of flying to Reunion, then Paris, then Toronto, then Edmonton - I took the company charter plane to Tana (capital of MG), spent the night (sort of, the flight was at 1h00), and then flew to Paris, then Montreal, and waiting to go to Edmonton. This was my first time flying Air France and I am beyond unimpressed. I am officially a business class traveller snob. I'm used to flying Air Austral and they make you feel like a princess and everything is so fancy-fancy. Air France...isn't's kind of ghetto. But, it saves me at least $1500 (that I can spend on other rotations), so...I'm figuring a few glasses of champange and some fancy food isn't worth the $1500 and I'll suck it up.

Last night Sergio, I, and one of our friends went for supper in the hotel. We sat outside and it started to rain. I checked the weather and it was +17*C. By the end of supper, I was shivering, then I went to bed and climbed under the covers head and all and tried to warm up. That didn't help so I took a hot shower. So, basically, I am going to suffer for the next couple of weeks. I'm cold at +17*C....and I'm off to -30*C. Fabulous. I feel so incredibly un-Canadian.

This rotation is jam-packed. My mom's coming into town from Vancouver tonight until Monday, I'm going to Banff with Sergio and family the following Thursday for a long weekend, and then the following Thursday after that I'm going to Montreal. This does not include 3 (possibly 4) dentist appointments (finally this tooth will be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!), 1 doctor's appointment, 1 hair cut, a minimum of 1 pedicure (I know....poor me), and renewing my passport (which should have been done LONG ago. I'm lucky the government of MG doesn't pay attention to expiry dates.....). I will be busy, busy, busy.

But it's still great to be back. I'm excited to see my family and friends!!!! And....I'm even kind of looking forward to seeing the snow. Word has it I'll have my full share in Edmonton.

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