Change of Plans

When I first took this job in Madagascar, I thought I would commit to two years and that would be END OF STORY, I'd move back to Etown, and continue on my life in my little merry way.

Then....I moved here, and found out that the world is a way bigger place....and that working in Madagascar for only two years isn't long enough. And that I needed longer to work more, give more, and learn more....and have some fun along the way.

In December, I had some pretty encouraging news that I would be staying here for another year in my current role. Today, I found out, that's not the case. Plans have changed. Like they often do. It's nothing personal...(although it's pretty hard not to take personal...:S)

I hope plans change again. I hope plans change so that I can work here at least another year. If that's not the case....I'm sure I'll figure out what to do....I always have, I'm sure I always will.

I have great family, great friends, a fabulous boyfriend. So on the support front, I'm covered. But...I'm pretty devastated. I'll have to rally to get through the week...and throw myself into creating a five month plan so that I can get as much accomplished and leave my mark. Like a real, good, positive mark. Even though I'm feeling a little betrayed...I'd hate for it to effect my work and suffer through five months of crossing off days on the calendar counting down to the impending deadline. I can still make a difference.

So right now, I'm pretty down, but sooner than later, I'm going to figure out a plan. In the next coming months, I can talk to people, network, see what else Madagascar has to offer as far other expatriate jobs. Or maybe another country. Or maybe back to Canada. I have ZERO idea.

I'm sensing that this is the way of the expatriate life. A very dear friend (who is like super amazing at his job) is currently going through the exact thing that I'm going through (though he's leaving at the end of the week), happens. It's the circle of the expatriate life. We go in, we work, we train, we go out. Okay, so I wasn't ready to go out, but that's just a detail.

This whole MG thing was such an unplanned event in my life...and has turned out so amazing, that I'm sure there's bound for some other unplanned opportunity to come up. Somewhere. I just might have to change the name of my blog. ;)


  1. Nicole, life takes us in mysterious ways. YOU have been a true survivor in more ways than one! Keep your chin up and be the person you are...spectacular!
    love and a big hug from afar, mom


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