Jumbo Jet lag

My flight path off/on the island is usually as such: I fly to St. Denis, Reunion then to Paris, then to Toronto/Montreal, and then to Edmonton.

But this rotation, both to save money and to fly with Louis, I left mid-afternoon on the tiny little company plane, then sort of spend the night at a hotel in Antananarivo (I say, sort of, because the flight leaves at 1h00 so we're gone by midnight), then to Paris, and the same route as above. And vise versa to come back.

With this new route, all my flight times/connections are different (and much better, actually), but so are my sleeping and eating patterns.

I missed a couple of meals while flying, slept at weird times (and not consistently), and I'm wondering if this has quadrupled the jetlag effects....if that makes any sense AT ALL ('cause doesn't everything always make sense on this blog?!?).

My schedule is just completely off. My appetite is all weird, my sleeping is even weirder, even when I take a (low dose doctor prescribed) sleeping pill. Usually I can take a sleeping pill for the first few days that I'm back and all is well.

This time I'm all over the crazy map, not sleeping, having headaches and feeling like crap.

I feel like I stared at the computer screen all day yesterday without getting anything done. I'm not expecting miracles on the first day back at work, but I think yesterday was particularly unproductive. And mainly, I just feel so super duper like crap.

I hate posts where all I do is complain, but...well...I'm super cranky, super tired, super not feeling well, and super just wanting to feel sort of back to normal.

So I'll end with some good news....tomorrow I'm going to the beach chalets for a day of relaxation and fun in the sun (even though its for a going away party and I'll probably cry).

I am in charge of the cake and disposable plates/cultery  - which I have yet to pick them up....so I hope the grocery store is open until noon tomorrow (it usually is. "Usually" being the key word). If it's closed, well....I'm sure we'll make do somehow. Expats are usually good at coming up with inventive solutions. I just need to think of one to get past this super dose of jetlag.


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