I've been skiing 4 times in my life. This includes one time in grade six at a ski hill and not a mountain. So, I'm somewhat impressed with my skiing abilities of this weekend.

Okay, so the first ten minutes I had like...a few freak outs. And a few falls. But then Sergio taught me this trick where whenever I feel like I'm going too fast, I try to ski UP the mountain and then I slow right down. I was still a little as I would go down the mountain, I would actually say, "Ski UP, Ski UP, Ski Up, Ski UP!". My self-talk would increase in volume the more scared and/or fast I would get. I'm sure I sounded like a crazy woman, but it worked and I actually was half decent by the end of the day, for a beginner, anyway.

The end of day one there was a bit of a miscommunication, so we had to ski down the entire mountain which included some blue runs (harder than just the basic ones). I barely fell, and only ran into one tree (and was already going pretty slow so I just got covered in snow and lose branches. Luckily there was a sweet 12 year-old to help me get unstuck).

The next morning I went down the run once, but the mountains were CRAZY BUSY. There were thousands of people skiing around, which would throw me off, and I wasn't really enjoying myself. My cousin and his fiancee were done skiing too, so we went into town and did a little window shopping.

We all met up for supper and then spent the night relaxing at the Banff Hot Springs to soothe our ski-tired muscles.

This morning, after a Starbucks breakfast, we were off to Calgary airport to drop off Sergio and his girls and then onto Etown to me.

Before we left the park, I realized I hasn't taken ANY pictures. Here are a few that I took from the inside of my that I could at least show my Malagasy co-workers!!
Although I've been freaking out busy with all the errands I have to do before going back to Madagascar, I'm SO glad I took some time out for this mini-vacation! I only wish we could have all stayed longer!

Now back to the nine hundred errands, two dentist appointments, one pedicure (yes, I have priorities), a handful of hangouts with friends/family, a quick work meeting, and then it's off to Montreal on Thursday!!!

But for now, it's off to bed!

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