Things I have done since I've been in Canada:
  • Renewed my license
  • Renewed my passport
  • Spent the weekend with my mom (although I suspect I was sleeping for a lot of it...)
  • Had a family dinner
  • Spent way too much money on "things I need for Madagascar". (I'm still trying to somehow justify a purchase from Lululemon....)
  • Started the next step in my dental drama (I'll be leaving Canada with a tooth!!! Which officially unclassifies me as "Trailor Park Trash". However, I used duct tape to fix my car, which may revert my ranking back to "Trailor Park Trash"....
  • Went to the Doctor and got a clean bill of health
  • About nine hundred other errands.

All of the above make me very excited to go here:
As of tomorrow night, I'll be in the Rockies until Sunday with Sergio and his girls, with my cousin and his fiancee joining us on Friday night. Kind of a short mini-vacation inside my...vacation. Woohoo!!!

On and unrelated note...I'm like seriously hoping for freaking minus forty after my ski weekend. I'm sorry Albertans...but my Malagasy Superitendant is visiting and I think it's only fair that he get to experience a "real" winter. It's another one of those "never in my life did I ever think" moments again....


  1. you are being pretty mean to that Malagasy person. His lungs would freeze if it got to forty below. Believe me all the snow will do it for him. so you try and be nice to the rest of us. How's the sking?


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