Will work for...

I haven't had the pleasure of experiencing true jetlag (like more than two hours) for over six months. There are expats that go back home to Canada every six weeks and I have NO idea how they do it.

After a eight hour flight to Paris, a twelve hour flight to Antananarivo (was extra long because of the Lybia no-fly zone), I look this gorgeous: 
This morning I at least did my hair a little, put on a cute skirt, and some make-up.....but I didn't look too much different. To add to my beauty, we had no water this morning.

I'm freaking tired and hating jetlag. It's a fact of life and short term, but I hate it none the less.

Thankfully, I have a little help:

But I may have to take a second job to afford my habit.....


  1. well with that stash.....maybe see if Starbucks will build a location there and you could become a barista!
    So will your stock be low and I have to be your starbucks mule?! :p

  2. Yes Mom, You probably do. Holy, Nicole. That travel really takes it's tole on you. We feel soooooo bad for you. Promise next time you fall asleep at Grandma's you won't wonder why. Feel better and get rested up. God Bless and keep you. Love G@G xxoo