Yay Canada

I'm going on my third day in Canada, so I'm all over the map when it comes to jetlaggedness. I'm going through the wonderful, "Welcome Back to a First World Country" phase.

One part of this phase is how I get overwhelmed at all the choices I have available to me. In MG, I go grocery shopping 1-2 times per week (and we don't really cook that often for ourselves) and I have a very limited selection to choose from. Think a small town with one store type of choice. So when I come to the big city with it's big stores and whatever I can possibly think of and more, I get a little overwhelmed and can never seem to make a decision. I've only been grocery shopping once since I've been back, but I certainly didn't buy items that would make up a meal - I just bought things that I was excited to see, such as:
  • gingerale (and diet gingerale at that!!)
  • almond milk
  • spinach (already pre-washed!!! no soaking in bleach water like back in MG)
  • bananas biggger than the size of my thumb (the kind we get are really tiny ones)
  • random vegetables like brussel sprouts and colored peppers
If you would have told me a couple of years ago that grocery shopping for the above ingredients would make me so excited....well....I would think you're crazy.

Next up on the "Welcome Back" phase is my stomach. Happens every time and is so annoying. I get sick when I eat here because my stomach is used to living in MG (even though it's still not, it's confused by the change, I think). The first 3-5 days back, I have horrible stomach aches or can't keep my food with me for more than 5 minutes. Lovely.

And then there's this whole "winter" thing. My skin starts hating me and gets so dry it hurts. And I'm cold. Always. (Especially when forced to spend fifteen minutes outside trying to fix the trunk of my car. I crashed it awhile back backing into something and the trunk won't stay closed. Last night's solution was to dump snow all over it, and then pour water over the snow in attempt to freeze it shut. Yes, I'm the Real Life Macgiver.)

Somewhat related to the winter thing is my driving. I haven't drove in six months. Nevermind in winter. In the city, I'm pretty confident, but on the highway is another story. Highway at night?! I had to really concentrate not to go thirty under the speedlimit. I was always convinced I was going to hit ice or something. 'Cause there's nothing safer than an unconfident highway driver in the middle of winter...

Not helping with me any of the above, is my inability to sleep through the night. I guess this is my best night yet, sleeping into just before 5h00....but I'm ready to be done with this whole jetlag thing. It kind of makes me moody and I can't enjoy my time here as much as possible.

Okay, okay, enough complaining. Even though I'm cold, tired, not 100% healthy, confused, and a bad driver, I'm loving being back in Canada!! (I should also mention the bad driver part isn't isolated to the "Welcome Back" phase...I don't think I've ever been a good driver... :)). So far it's been mainly errands and one family supper, but six months is a long way to be away from Canada!! I'm excited that I'm coming back again in July!

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  1. There's a pretty good chance that by July, a lot of the snow will have melted. Maybe.