Yay for Sundays

After the week I had, I needed a good Sunday.

Luckily, it's not too hard to find one here in Toamasina.

Breakfast, watching a movie, and then off into town into the Calypso Hotel, a pretty swanky new hotel.

Nothing beats starting off a Sunday afternoon with a mojito - especially one that's not full of peices of dirt or bugs. (Like the one I had here).
I had a nice lunch but couldn't finish it all so I packed up the meat for my next stop.

But first, one of the swimming pool potholes. This one was about three feet deep, at least. I thought about standing in it to show just how deep it is...but well...that's just gross.
Next stop was Le Bateau Ivre. I haven't been in a month or more, and it's always nice to sit and relax near the beach.

One of my favorite parts is the dogs here, I always want to take care of them!!! (And take them home).
 My friend perked up when I showed him I had a steak to feed him.
 He enjoyed his afternoon snack! It's hard not to get attached to these cute guys...especially since Tovy.
Since these aren't the cleanest of creatures...it was time to use some of my hand sanitizer.A couple of times just to be sure!
 Always a nice time at Le Bateau. Finishing off with a Ti-punch for good measure.
We went home, had a quick dinner, and now I'm laying in bed watching a Liam Neissen movie.

A pretty non-eventful Sunday...but definetly an enjoyable one. And just six more days until the next. :)

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