Ahhhhh Sunday.

Ahhhhh Sundays. The one day I look forward to and the one day I'm not in the office.

We started this Sunday sleeping in, not eating eggs, and relaxing. And then it was off to the pool. Somehow I changed Louis' camera to black/white. I have no idea how.
 But the sky didn't agree with our plans to sit by the pool.
Sometimes these things pass, but this one seemed like a real rain fall. For once I was kind of dissapointed not to spend Sunday by the pool because the water temperature was perrrrrrfect.

But we had to get going anyway for our dinner date. We had plans to go to our favorite couple's house for supper. Eating anything other than cafeteria food is always a treat + the food cooked always rocks!! I had planned on taking pictures of the food.... but I inhaled it so fast it didn't stand a chance.
 Friends, drinks, food, and fun. Always a recipe for a fun night.
I think we could have spent all night there...talking, sipping wine, having fun....but tomorrow's Monday and we all have to work....

And we were getting the hint that our hosts were a little sleepy and ready for bed...
The next few Sundays I have planned ROCK!!!!!!! Next Sunday - sailing; the Sunday after - a trip to Tana with Louis to pick up my mom, and then the following three Sundays will be spent exploring Madagascar and living it up in South Africa. Yes, this has been a rough week...but at least I have a lot to look forward to!!!!

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