Beauty Sleep

My weekend was spent as follows:

Friday night – Fall asleep at 19h00 while trying to watch a movie.
Saturday – Work from 07h00 to 17h00. Fall asleep at 20h00 while trying to watch a movie.
Sunday – Wake up with massive migraine. Lie in bed after taking copious amounts of drugs and hoping it goes away. Around 12h00, I started feeling okay, so Louis and I went to this awesome patio to UPDATE MY RESUME.
It’s my only day off – I have a post-migraine headache – and I’m updating my resume.

Yay for the best weekend ever.

(Actually, it ended quite nice. My migraine went away and I went for an after supper swim with Louis. The water was the perrrrfect temperature. This was followed by me falling asleep at 21h30 while trying to watch a TV show.)

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  1. Alls well that ends well. Glad your headache went away. Hang in there. Love G@Gxxoo