The. Coolest. Trip. Ever.

I was originally going to write about a funny story that happened this week, but I need to write about my next rotation!

My mom is coming to Madagascar and I am getting SO EXCITED. I think this will possibly be my most exciting and adventurous vacation EVER. We are going EVERYWHERE in Madagsacar!!

I'm finalizing the details tomorrow with A REAL TRAVEL AGENCY (this has been super hard to find!!!), but here's the itinerary.

May 1: My mom arrives in Antananarivo. I'm flying up to meet her, since's... umm... interesting landing in MG. She gets there around 23h00.

May 2: After spending the night in an icky hotel (I just can't learn to love this place...even if it's provided to us for free), we'll fly back home to Toamasina (at 05h00. zzzzzzzzzzz)

May 2-4: My mom will sleep, hang by the pool, go into town with the expat wives, or whatever she wants to do. I'm at work, so she'll be stuck by herself for a bit.

May 5: We're doing the Canal Pangalanes tour with a few of the other expat wives. It's an amazing way to really see what the local life is like here.

May 6: Off to Muhumbo. I've been here a couple of times. It's about a two hour ride. A two hour VERY BUMPY ride. Usually involves being stopped by the Police or Military for ID checks.
May 7: We'll take a ferry over to Ile Ste Marie and stay there for a few nights. I think this is like the fanciest place in MG!!! It looks crazy cool!!!
May 10: Because of flight connection times, we'll have to spend one night and part of a day in Antananarivo. I've never been a fan....but I hope that if I get to do some exploring, maybe I'll be less of a hater...
 May 11: Off to the North to Diego!! We'll be doing a tour of the Tsingys amongst other things.
 May 14: Off to Central West region to Morondava - well known for its Baobab trees.
May 16 - 20: ??
I'm not quite sure how it's working yet, but the plan is to head South to Tulear:
 And back up to Central MG to Antsirabe:
 Which means our travel map of Madagascar looks like this:
May 20: Four nights in Cape Town, South Africa. To do things like shop, go on wine tours, get my hair done, get a know, all the things that matter. :).

I'd like to go to Robbin Island if it's not too far. The last time I was in South Africa I became a little obsessed about learning about Nelson Mandela.

May 24: Off to Johannesburg (say what you want about Joberg, but until you've been to Sandton City or stayed at Emperor's Palace, don't judge!!!

The next day, my mom leaves for Canada and I'll leave the following day for Madagascar. 

Wow. My fingers are sore from just typing that!! 

This will be the adventure of a lifetime!!!

Another cool thing? With a little luck, a little hope, and some patience, it won't be the last.  

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