A day in the life of me

  • When did I ever agree to wake up this early? The fact that I can function at this hour must mean that I'm getting old, because pre thirties (ick) if I was ever up at this hour, I'd still be drunk from the night before .
  • What is wrong with the cafeteria??? Is there SERIOULSY no freaking peanut butter in this freaking country? Do they not realize that there are Americans and Canadians on this project that do not know how to live without peanut butter? And when is that 100% grapefruit juice ever going to be back? The kind that is JUST fruit and is so sour it almost hurts to drink. Don't they know I pray for it every morning in the truck on the way to work? Sometimes in song version (I'm not kidding. Ask Louis)?
  • Thank goodness for Starbucks VIA instant flavored coffee. Sometimes I wake up just for you.
  • Peeeuuuuwww. The room sometimes smells worse after the cleaning staff have done their cleaning.
  • I love that guy's smile (a janitor). He's always so smiley when he greets me in the morning.
  • It's still so cute when that group laughs when I speak Malagasy.
  • What's wrong with my freaking computer? Why is the IT Help Desk still closed?
  • Why did my "maybe it if works out" boss act kind of cranky just now at me? Will he hire me?
  • Oh, my employee just got here. She always puts a smile on my face.
  • My Malagasy is so good in the morning. Where does it go in the afternoon?
  • Why do pictures not show up when I read blogs through Google Reader? And seriously, IT people? Can't I access facebook from work after 18h00? Come on.
  • So many funny mistakes happen here that you just can't help but laugh (I had a meeting to pay for my travel booking. I went to pay at the office. Except the office where my travel agent works is a seven hour drive away. We both thought we lived in the same city. He's special.)
  • What possesed me to wear long pants today? My legs are roasting!!!!!
  • What is with the cereal shortage in the grocery store? Why do eggs not have to be refridgerated in MG, but they have to be in Canada? Do we have different chickens?
  • Why isn't the big boss that's sort of helping me out smiling at me today when he passes by my office? Will I still get a job here?
  • I have to remember to put in that expense account. My VISA is at 12k.
  • What is wrong with my stomach? It is killing me!!! Pepto pills...do I have any Pepto pills?
  • Oh good. My stomach feels less bad.
  • This fish is awesome! But I want to eat it as fast as I can so that I can go lie by the pool.
  • My naps over? Ok, good, I have tons of stuff to do this afternoon.
  • Maybe I do tip too much? (My driver ran totally a personal errand today and I gave him a tip of about $2.75CDN. He looked like he shat himself in excitement).
  • My stomach is killing me. What is going on this week?
  • Why does that one co-worker make me so defensive? He's just asking questions. Calm down, already.
  • I'm totally going to find a job here. My skills are perfectly matched for some potential jobs here. It's such a great opportunity for both sides. It will be such a cool point in my career.
  • Man, do the nationals here ever make me happy. They try so hard and they always crack me up with their jokes.
  • (In a meeting) Is that guy retarded?? Did he READ the agenda of the meeting? Can we just get this meeting over with instead of talking details?
  • I'm so frustrated at them (an employee). I expected better than this. This will be a learning lesson for us both. I'll talk to them on Monday about it.
  • Almost time to go home. I don't want to run tonight. I hate Friday runs. I prefer Friday go-to-bed-at-20h00.
  • I should socialize more. I can't let my little moodiness problem get me down. Running isn't enough, I need to go out more (never thought I'd say that....)
  • Oh my god. Louis smells so badly of smoke. When will he quit? Why am I being such a bitch about it?
  • Should I have sent that email? Was that bitchy? Was that out of my scope?
  • Oh geez, here we go again with the travel agent. One day, this trip will be fully booked. Not today, though.
  • Ok, glad I sent that email. (I received a good response back).
  • I miss Ethan*. Weird I could go weeks withouth seeing him and now that he's not around, I miss him.
  • I'm ready for home. I don't want to walk home.
  • I'll never find a job here. What willl happen then? What should I do for work? What should I do with my savings? Should I travel and blow half of it? Should I go back to school? Should I take another Finance job? What will happen to Louis and I?
  • I am so not running. I am walking home. And going to bed. I am SO. NOT. RUNNING.
  • What kind of drugs is my housekeeper smoking? What the hell has she done to my extra pair of runners? Why are they all apart in ten peices and the laces sitting on top of the washing machine?
  • Ok. I'll go running only if there's battery left in my iPod.
  • I hope there's no battery left on my iPod.
  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkayyyyyyy, I'll go run.
  • Why did that guy say that two months ago? It doesn't make any sense. Why can't I just let it go already?
  • I need a night at Pandoras. I can't wait until Lindsay* gets back
  • Damn, I hate when people I know see me running. I run like a 90 year old chinese man on ephedrin.
  • Cool down, wow, that came quick. I'm not in the mood to hear my regular song. I'd rather hear something more..."emo". I can't be that old if I know what "emo" means.
  • I should call home. I don't feel like talking.
  • What should I make myself for supper? Can I just eat a protein-no-carb-bar made-from-synthetic materials and an Orangina? .
  • I should go eat. I wonder if Louis would notice if I didn't shower after my run.
  • I'm going to blog about all of the weird and crazy thougths that go through my head in one day.

Truth be told, I'm sure this is only about one third of my thoughts during the day.

This week -  has been a challenge
. However, my reward for getting through it, will be a wonderful Sunday spent with Louis, where I sleep in until 11h00, dawdle around and maybe bake something, go for supper at a friend's house, have a glass of wine or some kind of tropical cocktail, and then come home for a nightime tip in the pool.

(*names have been changed to protect the innocent).

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  1. Hysterical. Seriously. You need to do more of these.

    Maybe you should be trying to find a book agent and pitching a semi-biographical novel about a single Canadian girl (changed to American girl from New York for the novel, of course) who moves to Africa to find work ... and instead finds HERSELF! :-)