Easter Weekend Pictures

Let's start with when I came home from work and grocery shopping. Our housekeeper left ALL of this water. What this typically means is that a cyclone is coming. I hadn't heard about one...so I thought it was confusing.
 Anyway, while I was putting away groceries, I really looked in our fridge. Um...it kind of makes me want to call Alcohol Annonymous?
 First - mix for beach drinks.
 Next, Maple Whiskey, Prosecco, a bottle of Rossi and a bottle of gin to make Negronis, 2 bottles of Captain Morgans that I bought in Duty-Free for a reason I CANNOT remember..
 Some bitter orange for Negronis...oh, at least there's some healthy food. Amazing Grass, wheat grass, and eggs.

But then, three or four different types of beer. Those Guiness ain't cheap!! It works out to $5USD/can!! That's a lot of money invested in beer....especially since I don't drink beer.
 More alcohol to make Negronis. Oh - a Coke. That won't last long.
 Some more....scotch, Dzama, Dzama coolers...
 And on our counter, some gin and martini mix given to us by our of our friends that was leaving the project....
 And two bottles of Dzama that I wanted to bring back as souvenirs last rotation but couldn't figure out how to pack properly.
 Sheesh!!! I think this means we need to throw a party!!!

Next in random weekend pictures is a picture of our bathroom door. I've opened the floor for sooooo many "Oilers suck" comments... but mainly I put this poster up to tease Louis. :)
 Saturday night was a celebration for a friend's promotion at Calypso. Like, a REAL restaurant with good food!!
 Some kind of duck dish.
 My shrimp and avocado dish. I had a salad as a starter. This restaurant is so clean that you can ACTUALLY ORDER A SALAD and not be in the hospital for three days after.
 I had four drinks that night. JUST four. By the end of the night (around 22h00), I was slurring my words, I couldn't walk straight, and by the drive home, I couldn't speak properly. Either I was REALLY tired, or those drinks were REALLY, REALLY strong.

Early morning wake up call for Sunday Sailing!!!

Don't forget your beach hat!
 I've been trying to get to this island for over a year with two failed attempts!! Both times the seas were too rough, but this time, conditions were perfect.
The captain anchored the boat and then took us in a little zodiak to the island.
 Where we snorked, swam, ate lunch, sun tanned and just played in the water.
This interesting creature was the star at lunch. I kept taking picture after picture of him...trying to figure just what on earth it was...
 Until it JUMPED about ONE METER and scared the ever-living crap out of me.
 I jumped over a pile of rocks, a friend, a bunch of fallen bamboo shoots before I finally calmed down. Scared the bejezus out of me!!!
We *tried* to take the zodiac back to the sailboat...but there were some issues (just like last time). The captain has a very strong temper....and he was screaming and swearing at his deckhand, while he rowed with ONE paddle, while us three girls in the boat paddled with one hand. Eventually we got close enough to the boat that the deckhand could throw us a rope and pull us in. I have NEVER heard so many French swear words in such a short span of time. Whenever there is a midly stressful situation, he PANICS and starts screaming and swearing. (Pretty good quality to have when you're sailing on the Indian Ocean.. :P)
 But we made it back.
And somehow through the boat drama, I switched the camera onto Black & White mode. Urgh. Cameras are not my friend.

While I prepared for my post-lunch nap, I remembered that a crucial part of the tour had yet to happen. The last time we went the captain wore his 15 year old bathing suit (speedo style) which had about a 4 cm gap. Everytime he walked by you got an intimate view of his naughty bits.
 But he kept his shorts on the whole time.

Louis was at home driving the boat (and at times getting yelled and at swore at by the captain).
 We all enjoyed the day.
 Ahh....this is the rough life....

 Turns out....the housekeeper was right about the cyclone! Some kind of shoe cyclone happened while we were gone.
(I seriously do not know how we have accumulated so many shoes, but it's ridiculous. The areas in yellow are mine, the ones in red are Louis')

Not pictured was an Easter dinner at a friend's house. Always AMAZING when we eat a home cooked meal and not at the crazy cafeteria.

All it all, it was a great Easter weekend.

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