I'd like to thank the Academy...

I DO NOT want this blog to be "The Chronicles of a Job Seeker in Madagacar"...

I try not to talk about it TOO much, but really, I'm trying to make a career change, and it's a big part of my life right now.

Two factors:

  1. My time has come to an end in the Finance Department here on the project. Expats come in, they train, they do implement what needs to be implemented, and then they hit the road. Fact of life.
  2. I can't remember if it's been "blogged about" yet or not... but...2-7 years ago if I had a job interview and I was asked my 5 year plans, my answer would be something like: I'd like to transition into an operational role while using my finance/compliance/internal audit background.
If you take #1 and #2....you get...perfect timing to try and make that career change I keep talking about in my "long term" plans.

It's hard to explain (and I'll save that for another post...) but I truly don't believe the Malagasy section of my life is over yet.

I'm not broadcasting my job search (well....except over the internet on my blog...), but I've spoken with a few people about a few different opportunities. Nothing concrete by any means - it's all just talking right now, but it's slightly encouraging.

But the main purpose of THIS post is to to truly thank all of the people that I've had rallying around me. Obviously my family and friends, but I've also received some amazing support from people that I never would have guessed and I feel very...flattered.

Not to sound like an Academy Award Winner or anything... but here goes..

First, Thank You to my family. They have 100% supported this weird, out of the blue, crazy journey that's changed our day-to-day lives and taken me over 15000km away. Not only did they accept my decision with excitement; they have been there for the crying phone calls when I was scared or missing home; they have gone through the worrying when I've been very sick and far, far away; and even were cool when I started dating a WAY WAY older guy (that part stayed off the blog :P). Even now that I want to extend my stay here, I constantly receive words of encouragement and understanding. Ok, so technically it's your family's job to support you... but mine has gone above and beyond the call of duty.
I only wish my family looked this cool! :P
Next, Thank You to my friends. Some of you have made a difference by just treating me the same, as if we were are still in Canada, sending me stupid emails and chatting with me every day via instant messenger. Others have been on the receiving end of some pretty tearful conversations, and others have just "talked Canadian" to me (meaning give me some random updates of what's going on in Canada...).

My super-powered friends
Of course, I have my expatriate friends as well, who have been there to lean on, talk Mala-crazy to, check in on me (a few in a very subtle way, and it's ALWAYS appreciated), and of course are always there to hold me down and pour wine down my throat.
And then....a huge Thank You to Sergio Louis (I much prefer to call him Sergio on the blog!). He works long hours (like me), in sometimes crazy conditions, spending every last bit of energy he has just to get through some of the rough days, and he still supports me and stays confident and strong when I just don't have it in me.
Lastly, Thank You to the random co-workers and aquaintances. Every supportive comment you've made has given me a little boost when I needed one. I imagine that changing careers would be stressful in any environment...not just here...So when I'm a little down...or worrying too much about, your one-off comments sometimes make my day.
umm...my co-workers are a lot less creepy looking than these guys!!
Today, I was walking back to work from lunch with friend that I haven't really talked to in awhile. I gave him the very short version of my situation - contract's up and I'm trying to make a career change and it's kind of worrisome. He said, simply, "Don't worry, Nikki. Good things happen to good people. That's all you have to remember." (No, I have never, at any point of my life gone by Nikki. For some reason, every single Jamaican instantly starts calling me Nikki from the day they meet me).

I have so many unknowns and am just trying to go with the flow of all this...and practice patience (so not my forte)....so when I'm struggling, it's great to know that I have so much support and love. (That setence makes me feel like I should be wearing bellbottoms, smoking a joint, and burning insence, but it's true).

Now if I WERE at the Academy awards, they'd start playing the music to cut me off 'cause I've rambled long enough.


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