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Alright, enough with the drama and back to the regularly scheduled picture posts. I'm at a bit of a loss for most of my pictures right now because I have lost misplaced the cord to download pictures from my good camera. Dammit. I either have to order one on-line or hope to find someone else's that I can borrow.

In the meantime, here are some pictures I took while flying the new route that I took to/from Canada with my little camera. The journey begins in Toamasina and we take the corporate charter to Antananarivo (the capital of MG). It's a a one hour flight on a plane that seats roughly 15.

Some pics from the sky:

Most days the charter stops at the mine to pick up or drop off people. Both on the way to Antananarivo (Tana for short) and on the way home, it was too cloudy and conditions were too rough to land. Fine by me, the sooner that I'm off this little plane, the better!
The next sequence of pictures is on my way back to Toamasina, after a wonderful three weeks of vacationning (okay, a lot of errand running around, minimal family/friend time, but I still managed to get in a lot of fun!).

Here is Louis on the Air France flight. Whenever I'm watching a TV show or movie that I like on the flight, I could care less what he's doing (99.9% of the time doing Sudoku). But I find it incredibly annoying when I'm bored and he wants to finish his Sudoku.

Here I am trying to annoy him so that he'll stop Sudukoing and pay attention to me!!!! (Hello Only Child Syndrome!!!).
He wouldn't cave, so I decided to enjoy the scenery.
The skies were clear, so I got some pretty good shots as we flew over the Alps!! Haven't been to Switzerland (yet)....may need to add it to my list.
I'm pretty impressed with these pictures - they were taken with my point & shoot camera through the dirty airplane window!
Our flight had to go majorly off course because of the Lybia No-Fly Zone. The flight was 1.5 hours longer than scheduled.
You'd think I'd find this annoying....but if you've read my blog for any amount of'll know that as long as I have plenty of champagne, I'm one happy camper flyer!
We got into Tana about 01h30 and I was beat! We were shuttled to our hotel for the night and stayed there until around 07h00 for our flight back to Toamasina.

Even though the scenery is remarkable on the short flight back and I could have got some great shots because we fly so low, I didn't take any pictures. I was beat (for some reason flying for 30+ hours is exhausting). 

Hopefully, the next time I fly on the charter (May 27 - on my way home from South Africa - post coming on that soon!!), conditions will be clear and I'll get some great shots.

Until then, hope you enjoyed the pictures!! More to come this week!!

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