I've cracked.

Since this is my blog, and I can write about whatever boring crap I feel like, and you can choose if you want to read it, I'm going to write about a concern currently have at the moment. Regardless of how stupid it is. :)

I'm worried I eat too many eggs.

And I'm not talking about this kind (although, given the chance, I would eat way too many of these kind!!!)

First, a little background. I have issues with meat. I am totally pro-meat industry (although I haven't watched movies like Food Inc., and I'm not sure if I want to), I think that if animals are treated humainly that it's fine to eat them...but I still have issues myself eating them. I try not to think about the meat that I'm eating was once running around or eating grass (or grass mixed with trash, in the case of the MG zebu). But I have never really liked eating meat, even as a little kid.

I am trying to be more conscious of what I eat...I have a good 15lbs to lose (or 13 as of this week), so I'm trying to eat the appropriate amount of carbs, fat, and protein. Since I have an aversion to meat...I eat eggs for protein. Calorically, a medium/large egg has 74 calories, around 5 grams of fat, and 6 grams of protein.

Thee times a week I run and don't make it to the cafeteria before it clothes. So, I make myself 2 eggs, cooked without any added oil, 1 peice of toast (sometimes I can find nut/seed bread), and Amazing Grass. It's not the biggest meal, but I don't get home until about 20h00, and at 17h00, I have already eaten an apple and handful of almonds (and have ate a crapload of veggies at lunch). Depending on the kind of bread, my supper is only 15-17 g of protein, so I also take Hemp Protein Powder to give me enough protein for my day. (I have considered beans/legumes, but a) they aren't always available, and b) they are super high in carbohydrates. I did a "diet analysis" of a typical week and my carbohydrate levels are already at quite a high level.)

But two eggs in one day? That's over 420mg of cholestorol. AND, every morning for breakfast (to get my protein in, again) I have scrambled eggs (along with nuts or nut butter). Everywhere resource I can find on the internet says the ideal amount of cholesterol should be below 300mg per day. On run days...I'm eating like 840mg/day.

I thought about just eating the whites, or one whole and the rest whites, but I'm reading that there are so many positives about the yolks. The yolk has many more health benefits than egg white. It is full of nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids: protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, riboflavin, selenium, folate, carotenoids, vitamins B12, D, E and K.

I also have seen plenty of information that indicates eating whole eggs actually raises your good HDL cholesterol to a higher degree than LDL cholesterol, thereby improving your overall cholesterol blood chemistry. What I can't find out - is how much is too much.
And..my options are a little limited since I don't exactly live in a country of resources. This morning instead of scrambled eggs, I got two hard boiled eggs and picked the yolk out of one of them. That just seems like a waste to me. I'm fine with just eating one egg and one egg white, I guess I'm just confused about this whole cholesterol thing.

If I did that, I'd still be having 420mg of cholesterol/day on run days. Is this bad? What are the long term effects of this?  I feel kind of....old thinking about cholesterol levels... And...am I SERIOULSY searching for things to worry about in my life right now? I don't have enough going on - I have to start worrying about EGGS????

Anyway, tomorrow's a Sunday, and I won't be eating any eggs, because I won't be getting out of bed before noon (okay... MAYBE eleven...).

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  1. Hey Nic. Ok, so I'm a few weeks late posting this comment but I think I can help. Don't worry too much about how much cholesteral you're getting from eggs. This week's science (obviously subject to change week to week) indicates that you don't have to worry about the levels in eggs as the benefits outweigh any negatives. Also, high cholesteral levels (HDL and LDL) aren't always from the food we eat..

    I'm allergic to seafood so I have a really hard time getting enough protien - especially when I was training for the marathons. I had to eat at least one egg a day to in order to get my protein!

    Besides, the running and exercise helps reduce your cholesteral levels if they're high.

    Cheers, Lori