Not too Shabby

The last few days there has been far too much talking on this blog...and not enough pictures.

Today...well...sucked...for no particular reason (other than the obvious)... but there are small little things that make the day that much better and that much easier. Here they are in picture format to try and get my word to picture ratio a little less skewed.

1. My Starbucks VIAs in the morning. (I probably spent a mortgage payment on for this stash, but it's soooo worth it...)
 2. The fact that my toes perfectly matched my skirt today.
 Sorry for the gross foot picture, but my pedicure from Canada has lasted extra long.
 3. Oilers stickers to secretly put on the back of Louis' shirt (He's a hardcore Nordiques Avalanche Fan. Regardless of both of our teams' standings at the's a pretty fun joke to play :P)
 4. Emails and quick Skype messages sent throughout the day and lots to read when I get home from work.
 5. A quick phone call with a friend while I walk home.
 6. A pair of runners. Or maybe the drive to run even though I feel like crap and had a bad day.
7. Awesome music to listen to while I run. I am currently OBSESSED with the "Forget You" Glee Cast version. (I sometimes sing outloud while I run. I look extra crazy, I'm sure).
8. Orangina Light to drink after my run. It's rarely stocked in the grocery stores and I am like meth-addicted to this stuff. I found some on Saturday and bought the entire stock (like 12 bottles, maybe).
 9. Oh, and coming home to this Frenchy isn't that bad either!! :)
10. To make it an even 10 - I'd have to say the nationals that I work with. They make me laugh, they intrigue me, they interest me...the list goes on. They really, really make a difference on the "bad days".

Today was far from the worst day I've had here. It just wasn't the best one. After I run around taking pictures of all the little things (or big things) that make a difference when I'm having a rough one....things don't look too shabby.


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  2. Geez, I skim read ONE blog post of yours and now I had to re-read half your blog to figure out who this Louis guy is. :-)

    Love the picture updates.