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So last night, I didn’t cry. Again!!! I’m starting to get worried here!!

All this change and uncertainty and a friend leaving and somehow I’m dry eyed? WTF?

Although I’m not crying, I’m pretty exhausted by the end of the day. And there’s been some social functions this week, so I haven’t been getting much rest. I’m looking forward to a quick run tonight and then hopefully going to bed by 21h05. Even earlier if possible. I’m also looking forward to Sunday Sleep In Day. Ahhhhhhhhhh………

No real Sunday plans of yet, but I do have a new bathing suit, so maybe I’ll spend part of the day at the pool. I’d also like to spend a lot of my day UPLOADING PICTURES!!! I have a million from Montreal and Quebec City and I still haven’t even sorted through them!!

As far as the work situation update, well, I’m still exploring 280108234874323408932 options. Okay, maybe more like… 7 or so. Work here, work in another country, work in Finance, don’t work in Finance, work for the company I worked for before I left Canada, work for a different Canadian company, go back to school, become a hippy….. it’s really an interesting process. But it’ll be more interesting once I know what the heck I’m going to do. Which isn’t going to be clear for …. awhile.

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