My Canadian roots are showing......

You remember the trip of a lifetime? (Or, I should say, ONE of the trips of a lifetime!!).

The plan was for me to fly to Tana to pick up my mom the night she arrived on Sunday. But this made me nervous. Air Madagascar has a wonderful history of cancelling flights and…a random flight on a Sunday….well, I decided to take alternative arrangements.

So, the Saturday before, I’ll work until about 15h00, then go to the airport. I’m dragging Louis with me so that we can have a nice supper in Tana and spend the entire Sunday doing WHATEVER we want to until my mom’s flight arrives at 23h00. We’ll all go back to the crappy hotel, then we’ll wake up for our 05h20 flight to Toamasina Monday morning and we’ll go to work. (again zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

Saturday night Louis and I are staying in a sweet hotel!! (Although I was considering boycotting them because when I called to ask how much an air transfer was, the reception desk guy asked me to SPEAK ENGLISH BECAUSE HE COULD NOT UNDERSTAND MY FRENCH. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! I speak like, perfect French. Okay, maybe not perfect French, but I my accent is not thick. Or at least not as thick as he is.)

I had been talking to a travel agent for the last week or so, so I got him to arrange the flights and hotel. He’s also supposed to be making arrangements for May 16th – May 20th, where I don’t actually have any plans of yet.

Anyway, I wanted to pay for the Louis-Nicole vacation and get that taken care of ASAP.

I had to run into town to pick up some stuff for my new hire, so I killed two birds with one stone and went into town.

I get to the travel office. They tell me at the office that they do not accept credit cards.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!??!? I’ve dealt with this stupid OLIVER now for over a week, and he has been assuring me, “Oh, yes, you can pay with VISA. Oh, yes, don’t worry.”

I called Oliver and told him what was going on, I told him that he had seriously inconvenienced me and all he gave me was excuses. He said (in a pretty cocky voice), I could come to his office on a Saturday in Tana and pay him when we arrive. He’ll even open the store especially for us.

Gee, thanks for your kindness, loser!!!!!!!!!


(Last Friday, he arranged a meeting with me, after several emails where I had mentioned that I live in Toamasina – I show up at the meeting only to find out that he is in Tana. And wasn’t paying attention to anything. AND getting a hold of him on a telephone is more painful than a bikini wax).

I just had enough.

I went to the bank – this time the bank that distributes 400 000 MGA at a time was working– so I only had to do four transactions while every gang member or criminal on the street watched me. And my driver had an envelope that I could use instead of pretending I was pregnant like the last time. So it wasn’t so bad.

I stormed back in their office, counted my money, then watched them count my money, then got the wonderful invoice with a special PAID stamp.

I went to my office, scanned the receipt and emailed it to him. And ohhhh, that will show him. Wow, how mean can I get!?!?! You inconvenience me, you give me bad service, well I’ll SHOW YOU AND PAY IN CASH!!!!!!!!!!! Urgh. Anyway….

How did I forget where I live??? Why did I expect this to go as planned and be easy for me?? How could I forget this wasn’t Canada?!!! I thought I had like…totally adjusted (stomach issues aside). What the “h” “h” double hockey sticks?!??! I’m so freaking Malagasy!! I know the steps to TWO of the songs that they play here!! I’m almost ready to buy a scooter so I can take me and my three friends to work every morning!!! I can have a full-fledged conversation in Malagasy with a cab driver when I’m drunk!! COME ON!!!!!?!

Ok. Deep breath. Thank you for it being a run night.

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