Those crazy cooks....

The cooks at the cafeteria have lost their mind. Like, actually lost their minds.

The cafeteria goes through ups and downs as far as the food quality. Sometimes it’s downright disgusting, in which case, I have a peanut butter sandwich. Or, if I’m really thrown off, I’ll just have a protein bar for supper. Other times, it’s not too bad, and the random time, it’s actually pretty good.

But lately, I really think they’ve gone crazy.

It first started when they replaced the green pepper with HOT SPICY pepper in the salad bar. Nothing like taking a huge bite of green pepper strips on your salad and then having your mouth and lips on fire for a good ten minutes.

Next, was the juice situation. I wrote about this before. We used to have REAL 100% FRUIT JUICE and now we have some kind of juice with Arabic writing on the side and what I can figure out it’s made with 50% fruit juice. I consider the REAL juice a treat (has practically the same amount of calories as pop), but this 50% fruit juice crap is just baloney.

And now, they’ve started making flavoured breads. I’ve always been disappointed because they don’t have whole wheat bread (it’s like REALLY hard to find in this country. Finally I found some that had been imported on Saturday and I bought 3 loaves because I haven’t seen any in at least a month or more). But now, they’ve started making olive bread, rosemary bread, and mixed herb bread.

Isn’t that nice of them? Except they serve it at breakfast. I like peanut butter on my toast, and I’ve even brought my OWN FROM HOME (peanut butter is another thing that’s hard to find here), so I was pissed when I wasted some on this disgusting bread. It gets even better. Yesterday Louis’ french toast was made from olive rosemary bread. HHmmmm yum!! (Blech).

I’m sure it’s challenging to cook for 200 or so expats every day, three meals a day.

But black olive french toast? What's next?

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