What's in a name?

I went into town today to pick up some groceries Orangina Light this afternoon.


We have a new driver, and his name is Arsene. He’s super friendly, although he’s confused me a couple of times with his French comprehension, but I’m convinced with his personality that we’ll squash those kinds of things soon.


To make some random conversation, I asked what the name “Arsene” meant. He didn’t know. He asked me what my name meant. I am well aware of what it means, because I ask this question ALL the time wherever I go  (especially to any taxi driver in any country. It always seems to be my ice breaker. If you are a taxi driver reading this – yes I am one of those people that will ask you questions about where you come from, if you like it here, do you have family, etc.) and I’m always prepared with my answer, should the question be asked in return.




Nicole pronounced Ni-kohl is a popular name of Greek origin. It is the feminine version of Nicholas and means victory, victorious people, or victorious army. It is believed to be derived from Nike the Greek Goddess of victory and its original Greek form was Nicola.


Just some food for thought…


(I hate to keep my blog pictureless for so long….tomorrow I’ll have pictures of something, I promise!!)

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