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Morondava - Le Palissandre de Cote Ouest

We had a lonnnnng day to get to Morondava. We flew from Diego early, EARLY morning to Tana, spent three or four hours in Tana (I took my mom to this incredible - but very big - market so that she could get all of the required souvenirs). And then fly to Morondava. As soon as we arrived, I felt more at home. It reminded me of what Toamasina used to look like two years ago.

We were picked up at the airport and driven to Le Palissandre de Cote Ouest. Wow. We were greated with cold drinks and a cool cloth.
And then escorted to our bungalow.
The view from our front door.
Our cute little room. Every night we'd come back at the mosquito nets were put down for us. And an awesome bathroom. Although a bit weird due to lack of doors. And the pool!!! It was awesome. After a long day of travelling, and a very busy schedule in Diego, we were beat. We had planned on taking a tour of Baobab Alley, but instead decided to lounge by the pool. We needed a day of relaxation.
This was definetly t…

Diego - Day 3 - Lac Emeraud

Mr. Driver picked us up good and early for another tour. We drove for about fifteen minutes until we arrived at a port side town. I immediately found a friend. (Love these guys, especially when I have a lot of hand sanitizer on hand). We also had another friend, this one asking for candy. We were candy-less. So she sat and watched us. We started getting ready for the boat, putting on bug spray and sunscreen. She continued to watch. So I gave her some sunscreen and showed her how to put it on. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have got a sunburn, but it kept all three of us entertained while we waited for our boat.
And then we boarded a homemade sailboat and enjoyed the views.
Soon enough the winds came out and the crew had to put up the sail.
Worked perfectly! We were going at a pretty quick pace.
And it became pretty obvious when we arrived at Lake Emerald! We were dropped off on this little peice of land with three huts like this.
And our crew asked if we wanted to go snorkling to cat…

Diego - Day Two - Les Trois Baies

Up next for our Diego tour was going around les trois baies (or the three bays). I had seen some pictures on-line and thought it would be fun. We were picked up way too early. It may have only been like 8h30...but on holiday, anything before 13h00 is way too early....
We now had our guide from yesterday, who was serving as the driver (I wish I could remember his name!!), and another guide, named Clement. Clement spoke great English, so it was nice not to have to translate. I *almost* wish I would have taken notes because I have no idea what that little island is or any history behind it...

Mr. Driver dropped us off and Clement started us on a walking tour. Very quickly, I ditched my shoes.
We kept on walking. He was talking the entire time, but he was also kind of being annoying. He seemed very...stuck up. Stuck up isn't the right word....maybe cocky. Yes, a cross between stuck-up and cocky.
I didn't listen to him much, I just enjoyed the walk and the breathtaking views.
After ab…