Diego - Day 3 - Lac Emeraud

Mr. Driver picked us up good and early for another tour. We drove for about fifteen minutes until we arrived at a port side town. I immediately found a friend. (Love these guys, especially when I have a lot of hand sanitizer on hand).
We also had another friend, this one asking for candy. We were candy-less. So she sat and watched us. We started getting ready for the boat, putting on bug spray and sunscreen. She continued to watch. So I gave her some sunscreen and showed her how to put it on. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have got a sunburn, but it kept all three of us entertained while we waited for our boat.
And then we boarded a homemade sailboat and enjoyed the views.
Soon enough the winds came out and the crew had to put up the sail.
Worked perfectly! We were going at a pretty quick pace.
And it became pretty obvious when we arrived at Lake Emerald!
We were dropped off on this little peice of land with three huts like this.
And our crew asked if we wanted to go snorkling to catch lunch. I was all for it.
And then I got in the water, rememebered that I'm not a good swimmer and scared of fish. If it were up to my skills, we would have gone hungry.
Luckily we had two expert fishermen on board.
And five minutes later, we had a feast.
We got back on shore and were served crab, rice, salad, and of course, fish.
Mainly because it was so hot out and I was spending all day in the sun, I didn't drink anything but water. Later on, Mr. Driver asked me, "You don't smoke and you don't drink? Why not?". I told him, "I don't smoke, and I drink, just not today". He said, "Oh good, we were worried that you haven't experienced the goofiness of youth!". HA!!! If he only knew!
Lunch was awesome and I was ready for some beach time.
But first, I had to play tourist.
And get my face painted with clay and dirt.
Looking good!!
Then I took my afro out of my ponytail holder and looked the part!
Next up was my mom.
I went on the beach in some shade to have a nap.
And a few hours later we were on our way back.
My mom and I walked around like this for the rest of the day.  At one point we went to a corner store to buy peanuts, and the owner of the store refused to make eye contact with us. Later we had to walk to the bank, and everyone stared at us like we were monsters. I can't decide if that's because we were tourists or what. I had asked both Mr. Driver and the lady that painted  our faces if it was taboo for vazas to get their faces painted and they said it was totally fine. Interesting, I guess.

(Oh - and the clay mask? Not so good for the skin. Both my mom and I had major breakouts after. :) )

On our way back to the hotel, we got our driver to drive us to a restaurant so that we could check out the menu. We had been in Diego two nights and had yet to have a non-gross supper. No luck. We asked the hotel for recommendations and they had none. We walked around a bit, and then I somehow convinced my mom that we could eat peanuts, a granola bar, and then order up a scoop of ice cream for supper. It was the best supper that I ate in Diego by far. Unfortunately, it made my mom VERY sick, but only for 12 hours or so (luckily).

We had to check out at FIVE THIRTY the next morning. Not fun at all. But we were excited to go to our next desitination - Morondava!! Home of the Baobabs!