Ile Sainte Marie - Day 3

Monday, May 9th...continued.

Today we had planned on renting a scooter. Before coming to Ile Sainte Marie - I would have never guessed I would be able to rent a scooter, and not have a dealth wish along side it.

But the streets are calm and the roads are paved, so we decided to go for it. I wavered a bit after last night's bug episode, changed my mind three or four times, and then decided to go for it.
My mom left her driver's license in Canada, so I was designated driver. We certainly looked cool. I sort of compare us to a scene from Dumber and Dumber. Just warmer.
We had a mission - off to Ile au Nattes. We were told it was a fifteen minute scooter ride and then we could take a pirogue over.

The ride was a lot longer than fifteen minutes, but that have been because I was too scared to go over 25km/hour.

But we got there. And were instantly greeted by someone, that for the bargain price of 20 000 MGA each ($10 USD) he would take us around the entire island, stop off at a hotel to see lemurs, and stop on various beaches for a swim. We were sold.
I never managed to ask him for his name which is very odd of me.
The water was beautiful and so calm. And I had never rode in a true pirogue before! Last year in Okavanga Delta, I rode in a fiberglass "pretend" pirogue. This one was much funner.
After a bit, we got off the boat and walked around. Our guide was prepared to walk us through a small fishing village, however we would be required to pay a tourist tax. It was 13h30, we hadn't eaten lunch, and it was +40*C, (and I've now seen roughly thirty fishing villages), so we declined. He took us to this restaurant/hotel for lunch.
I had some kind of crab dish.
With weird spots? I thought these were painted on, but I couldn't scrape off the paint. Still not sure about that one....
The view from the restaurant was amazing.
This one doesn't even look real!
I walked around and then came and sat on some sand. I had a friend that found me as interesting as I found him.
Certainly not shy!
Here is my lame attempt to illustrate just how close I was to a real live leemur. I didn't want to approach him (even though I went through some ridiculous rabies innoculation before moving here), but he came super close!
Then it was time go to back on the boat. The name of the boat translates to "By the Grace of God". Hey, when I'm on a boat on the Indian Ocean, I'll take all the help I can get.
After another hour or so of being pushed around on pirogue, we arrived safely back to port. Our scooter was still waiting for us and there was still an hour or so of daylight so we decided to go into town. And then...we actually had to drive on busy roads, and turned around and came back to the hotel. We had enough adventure in the last 24 hours and didn't need anymore.

Plus we had to get all packed up to fly to Tana the next morning!

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  1. looks like so much fun! hope your mama is having a blast! we miss you lots xoxox

    guigley piglies!