Alright. My posts are going to be outdated because I haven't had Wi-Fi for almost five vacation is about to get a whole lot busier. Anyway, back to the beginning.

Friday - May 6

Our first stop on the Madagascar trip was Mahambo. It's about 150km away from Toamasina and a two hour drive on crappy, bumpy roads. But well worth it. I was EXHAUSTED and basically slept until dinner.
Which was very good, but thankfully left leftovers for me to feed to the stray animals. Which quite often in Madagascar is my favorite part of the meal.

We stayed in modest bungalows, decorated with local art.
But what...uh....local art is this? This doesn't leave much room for imagination...
The beaches were beautiful.

They almost made up for having to be up at 06h00...
Beautiful, no?  Well, we're off to Ile Sainte Marie next. To get there, we take a 10 minute truck ride, a two hour bush taxi ride, followed by a one and a half our ferry ride (which guest's include chickens and ducks).

But - it makes these beaches look like slums and well worth the trip. Until then!

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