Morondava - Le Palissandre de Cote Ouest

We had a lonnnnng day to get to Morondava. We flew from Diego early, EARLY morning to Tana, spent three or four hours in Tana (I took my mom to this incredible - but very big - market so that she could get all of the required souvenirs). And then fly to Morondava. As soon as we arrived, I felt more at home. It reminded me of what Toamasina used to look like two years ago.

We were picked up at the airport and driven to Le Palissandre de Cote Ouest. Wow.
We were greated with cold drinks and a cool cloth.
And then escorted to our bungalow.
The view from our front door.
Our cute little room. Every night we'd come back at the mosquito nets were put down for us.
And an awesome bathroom. Although a bit weird due to lack of doors.
And the pool!!! It was awesome. After a long day of travelling, and a very busy schedule in Diego, we were beat. We had planned on taking a tour of Baobab Alley, but instead decided to lounge by the pool. We needed a day of relaxation.
This was definetly the place! Right on the other side is the Mozambique Channel!! Where all of the pirates are!
We had a lounge in the pool, my mom went for a quick swim (It was too cold for me!) and then it was supper time. Because there were few guests, we had a fixed menu.
Champagne at the restaurant was $175 USD for a bottle, but $10USD a glass. Can't figure out that math, but we figured we were worth at least one glass for supper!
The meal was presented beautifully...but tasted...meh. Not fabulous.
The next night, we were so sick of crappy food, that I asked if we could get two eggs, cooked very hard with minimal oil, some toast, and some fruit.

I got: two runny eggs, swimming in oil, a fruit plate, and an entire loaf of bread. I had to send the eggs back to be cooked more, I took the napkin to try and absorb some of the oil, and ate. I went on a bit of a rant here. I love Madagascar, but sometimes it can be so frustrating. It's never the big things that frustrate me, it's the little things - like trying unsuccessfully to order an egg and toast. Anyway, the glass of champagne made up for it.
The breakfasts were pretty good, and the view was always great.
But a bit heavy on the carbs? Each morning we were presented with pain au chocolats, croissants, crepes, pudding squares, and then a cut up baguette.
And every night we dined by sunset. Which lasts an entire four minutes...maybe three.
Our main reason to visit Morondava was to see the Baobabs, but it was awesome to stay at a place with great service, a pretty good spa (we went for massages), and such wonderful accomodations. We did indeed get to go to Baobab Alley, but I still have to sort through the five hundred pictures I have. I never in my life thought I'd be excited about SEEING A TREE, but they are incredible. The pictures all look like postcards - just amazing.

But, I'll have to save that for the next post.

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