On my way back home.

The past three weeks, I've:
  • packed and unpacked my suitcase so many times that I can't keep track.
  • have seen "The Big Five" (the poaching of Rhinos is heartbreaking).
  • been bitten by a poisonous creature.
  • have taken so many pictures....some of which are so amazing they look like postcards or even fake.
  • successfully taught my mom how to say, We've had a wonderful day, in French
  • unsuccessful taught my mom how to say, May I have another pillow, please, in French. After hours of practicing, she called reception, and go the following response, in ENGLISH, "I'm sorry?"
  • seen the North, East, and West of Madagascar. Wow, wow, wow!
  • lost so many items/articles of clothing from my luggage. I now understand the whole giant ball of plastic wrap that people pay for to get their luggage sealed.
  • got into a taxi I shouldn't have which resulted in a story that has to be written on the blog (happy to be safe, sorry again Mom).
  • ate the most AMAZING breakfasts every single day in South Africa. They alone are worth travelling here. Like, I'm serious.
  • tried to go snorkling to catch our lunch. My fear of fish and my lack of ability to swim would have had us go hungry if it weren't for our fabulous boat crew.
  • swam in so many different bodies of water that I can't keep track. The most anticipated was the Mozambique Channel. This was also the grossest.
  • only been midly sick twice. This is interesting...since when I eat only at camp, I'm midly sick 2-3 times per week, fairly sick once a month, and extremely (need to see a doctor) sick once every 3 months. REALLY makes me question food-safe handling back at camp...
  • totally slacked off on my blogging. I need to put up my vacation posts!
  • drank decaf coffee with Amarula every single night in South Africa (am a bit sad that I have to make my own tonight since my mom just left)
  • met snobby Malagasy people. I still can't get over this. Diego = mega snob city.
  • fed a good 25% of my meals to the stray cat and dogs of Madagascar.
  • froze my buns off at +10*C weather. Is passport control even going to let me back in Canada??? I feel so unpatriotic.
  • bought Louis a ridiculously impractical gift that I'm so excited to give him. I hate surprises.
  • spent a wonderful three weeks with my mom. I think it's a once and a lifetime experience....that I'm certain won't be once in our lives.
  • toured Robben Island with an ex-political prisonner as our guide. This was one of the highlights of my trip. Mr. Mandela was far from a perfect man, but what he endured and accomplished is amazing.
  • got my hair cut twice. I'm annoyed at myself. I always do this.
  • missed Madagascar.

In true Madagascar style, I still don't know if I make it all the way home on Thursday or Friday, but I'm rested and ready to face the next seven weeks.  I'm ready to head back to the wonderful world of unorganised chaos that I love to call home. :)

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