Princess Wee Fee!!!!

After four and a half days of internet, I finally have wi-fi (pronouced Wee-fee here). I have stories and pictures (aMAZING pictures), but those will have to wait for a bit because I'm too tired.

We spent one night at La Pirogue, in Mahambo, which was nice.
Three nights at Le Libertalia, on Saint Marie island, which was INCREDIBLE, and one quick night in Tana staying at Hotel Colbert (yes, I splurged on tonight's hotel) and then we're off to Diego in the morning.

My plans for today were to take my mom to Marché des Digues (the biggest market in MG, I think) and then to a fancy restaurant, but thanks to who knows what, it's my turn to have Madagascar stomach. Blech. Anyway, tomorrow we're off to Diego for tours and more fun.

Mahambo is always nice, but Sainte Marie Island is incredible. We rented bikes, a scooter, took a tour of another island via pirogue, ate fabulous meals at our hotel, and swam in the ocean.

However nice Sainte Marie is....tonight it's kinda nice to spend a night in a hotel where we're not worrying about bugs, bug bites, or bug spray - which have played a huge role in our lives for the past five days! I'm looking forward to sleeping in a real bed (as opposed to a peice of dirty foam on a wooden frame), showering in a real shower, and smelling like soap again. (I can't beleive what a princess I'm sounding like!).

I hope to have internet access in Diego so that I can post some pictures in the evenings and catch up, but until then, all is well (or something like it) and we're having a great time!!

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