Quick update

  1.  My mom's in Toamasina. Her luggage is not.
  2. She is living la vida expat wife and having a great time!
  3. I've slept a total of 8ish hours Sunday and Monday combined.
  4. This weekend, Louis went swimming with his cell phone in his pocket and also lost his Malagasy visa. Although this is extremely annoying for him, I'm just finally happy that he's the one in the relationship that's doing stupid things like that finally. It was getting lonely being the only one that ever loses keys, phones, badges, etc.
  5. I'm ready for a vacation.
  6. I'm starting one on Thursday.
  7. Pictures and a real post to come. Eventually.

1 comment:

  1. ok...
    visa found, and phone working again. That's all i have to say. ;)