This means war.

Monday, May 9

Remember this guy?
And his cousin that turned up a few months later – only to be conquered by my mom and I?

Well, I think the last killing started an all out war between them and I.

And...I got ambushed. When I least expected it. I had just spent a lovely day on the beautiful island of Sainte Marie. This is a freaking incredible place. It’s hard to believe that it’s part of the Madagascar that I know. I got out of the shower and I put on my tshirt that I had hung up from the night before. (That’s right, I actually hung clothing up.) I climbed into my mosquito-netted bed and then felt like something bit me on my arm. And then the pain started getting worse. I rolled my sleeve up to see what was going on, and I had obviously been bitten. But by what? I couldn’t find anything on the ground. I called my mom over to help me look to find it. Nothing. Then I was showing her my wound and she sort of screamed and then said, “It’s one of those bugs!!!!” (the verdict is still out if the F-bomb was used or not). “Those bugs” meaning the monster bugs. It was still UNDERNEATH MY SHIRT. I jumped up, somehow got out of my mosquito-net bed, stripped naked (yes, I’m serious), shook out my hair, then realized I was naked, got a different shirt on, and the search went on for this freaking monster. We couldn’t find it. We found a very unclean bed. We found a cockroach/beetle type thing. We found a lot of dirt. But no monster bug.

We both calmed down a bit, and I called a co-worker in Madagascar and started to get him Googling. The Malagasy that had seen my original picture told me it was poisonous, I heard stories of people being bitten, but couldn’t remember the endings… my co-worker continued to search and search, and came up with that I’ll most likely have a reaction, but dealth won't be one of them.
It’s a full twenty four hours later, and my arm feels like I got some kind of vaccine. It’s a bit swollen, but totally okay. I took an antihistamine and put on some cream, and its just kind of a numb pain all over. It’s kind of annoying, and scared the ever living crap out of both of us… but I guess that’s to be expected when you’re out in the jungle?

As far as the war between me and the monster bugs, I’ll be in Tana tomorrow to pick up battle supplies.

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