Tsy Internet

Tsy = Malagasy for None.

I'm staying in a sort of remote area (which I did not originally think was a remote area) and have extremely limited access to internet. :(

I have a scattering of posts ready to go just as soon as I have reliable internet to upload some pictures!!

Until then:

  • We're having an awesome time!
  • Unfortunately, I worry a bit too often about the work situation. Luckily, it's not THAT often. And the times I'm not worrying about the work situation, I'm seeing incredibly and beautiful sights, or swimming in amazing lakes/oceans/bays.
  • This is possibly the first time my mom has ever heard me speak French. I was in French Immersion for 13 years but always too shy to speak French in front of ANY family (I was a little special?). My mom speaks about 5% French so I'm playing the role of translator.
  • I think I'm getting too much of a tan. I'm wearing a high SPF, but I see what old people look when they tanned too much and I don't want to look like rawhide when I'm fifty.
  • I am like REALLY on vacation. I don't shower every day, I don't brush my hair every day, I wear clothes more than one day and I'm sure I look a little slobby. At least I'm brushing my teeth every day.
  • Not having reliable internet sucks.
  • Looking back on last year's pictures of myself - I've decided to cut my hair short again. This melted ponytail mess look I have going for me isn't cutting it.
  • I have so many AMAZING pictures!!! I hope I can post them soon!!!!

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