Vacation Day #1

Today was my first day of holidays. I had a few things to wrap up, so I had planned to go in the office for a couple of hours. Usually I get there at 7h00, so I scheduled a quick meeting at 07h30.

Last night I went to a going away party. We were all having a good time, but then I remembered the effects of drinking and having jetlag. In order to "protect" my mom, I came up with a genius plan. When she wasn't looking, I would drink her entire drink, and then replace it with water. The plan worked perfectly!!!! My mom didn't get too drunk and she felt fine this morning!!

However, I feel HORRIBLE. And didn't wake up until past 8h00.

I woke up to see one of these huge incredible long bugs with fify legs crawl underneath the armoire in my bedroom. (This isn't the one from today, but todays' bug was it's cousin).

My mom's wake up call went like this, "Mom, put on a pair of my boots, we have to go kill a bug." I found out that if this thing bites you, the effects can be pretty gross. Recently a gardener got bit (one was in his glove) and his ENTIRE arm swelled up.

Anyway, my mom wore my winter boots, I wore my (awesome giraffe print) rubber boots. Somehow I managed to move the armoire (it's so big and heavy) and my mom sprayed the beast with RAID. The first few minutes, the RAID just seems to anger the bug. Eventually, he calmed down enough so that I could get a spatula, move him outside, and let him cook in the sun. The gardeners next door had a great show as they saw me in my nightgown, rubber boots, carrying a spatula walking down the driveway. As I came back I said, "Welcome to Madagascar!!"

We got ready and then went on the Canal Pangalanes tour. It's an amazing way to get to see how the local people truly live. The tour was great, but half way through - I had to bail. My plan for my mom to not suffer the effects of drinking and jetlag worked super well. However, I was really paying the price and couldn't make it through the day. At lunch, I found out that the restaurant was accesible by roads, so I FINALLY found a driver to pick me up. It was Louis' driver, who is one of my favorite people in Madagascar. I guess the guide had told him I was sick, and when the driver asked if I was okay, he found this HYSTERICAL that I was hungover.

I'll laugh tomorrow when my head stops pounding. I'm just off to make myself some toast.

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