Major Cheeseballness

A year ago today, I went to this pig roast/party.

There was a really good friend there, a guy that I sort of liked but did NOT want to date. After my last.. um..interesting experience (that stayed off-blog mostly), dating an expat was the furthest thing from my mind.

But somehow he won me over with his charm (or I drank too many of these), but we started talking about dating. We had been friends for six months or so, and I didn't want to risk ruining another friendship, and...well, I was nervous about dating anyone really.

But we started to date.
And then moved in together.

Turns out I'm pretty good at making decisions when it comes to the important stuff.
It's been a super interesting, crazy, fun, wacko year.
 Here's to another interesting, crazy, fun, and wacko year.


  1. great that you recognize you make good decisions...that's a great accomplishment!


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