Weekend Partay

I can't wait to go through my pictures and put some up of my weekend.

I went to a perfect wedding on the beach (and then had to go back to work. Boo!)
I fell asleep when I was supposed to go to a housewarming/pool party.
I went to a going away party - where we had a snow fight (or ice fight??), then I went swimming in my underwear, ended up in some kind of Nintendo dance-off, and then stole the show at a kareoke contest (me + alcohol = not a good mix with kareoke. I will fight you to the death for that microphone).

I'm not sure what tomorrow will look like, but man did I ever need a "normal" Sunday in Madagascar - where it's complete stupidity and comraderie and fun.

I told Louis my goals for this week are simple:
1. Eat supper every night. I have started this awful habit of going straight home and eating cereal.
2. Run Monday, Wednesay, and Friday. Headache or no headache - this is a proven miracle worker for everything in my life.
3. Go to the Tiki Bar once DURING the week. As my stress level has increased, my social life has decreased. I don't need to revolve it around the bar, but I need to get some of it back.

The three goals for this week will help with all of the stress and craziness I've been feeling for the past two weeks.

And regarding the kareoke singing - a lot of it is on video. Facebook - watch out!!!