Back in AB

Wow. I knew it was awhile since my last blog post, but I didn't realized I had left off still in B.C!

I had succcccch a good time on my mini-vacation and finished it with a near perfect ending in Montreal. Louis' is one of the luckiest guys I know, his girls are so wonderful and it was super great to spend time with them when we are at a point where we can be ourselves and relax and do whatever.

Since then? Errands, sleeping, napping, dinners, drinks, breakfasts, watching as much TV as I can, dentists, and one doctor's appointment. Basically the same for the upcoming week - except a little busier and add in trying to sell most of my possessions, as I've rented out my condo finally.

It seems like forevever ago that I left MG.

I have a bazillion pictures to sort through and post... but they'll have to wait. I'm too busy doing absolutely nothing productive for the rest of the night!!