In 3.5 days!!!

Instead of focusing how crappy this rotation was....I think I'll focus on the good of what will happen in 3.5 days.

First, of course, is the champagne. Although the new route that I fly uses Air France instead of Air Austral, we still get the champagne. Makes my life worth living when I'm on a plane for 10+ hours.

OF COURSE seeing my friends and family is AWESOME, are the things that I'm going bonkers to have back in my life for three short weeks:

STARBUCKS. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Starbucks. I drink a VIA every day....but it just isn't the same. And a Drive Thru Starbucks? My dream come true.
 Second Cup. I actually prefer Second Cup to Starbucks...but it's more like a super treat because I order their fat and sugar ladden drinks, instead of just a latte or a coffee, like I do at Starbucks. Oh, and their muffins rock. Why doesn't Madagascar have muffins???
 FRUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oranges, apples, and pineapple get boring. I want melons, and kiwis, and berries, and peaches, and VARIETY!!!!!!!
 SALADS THAT DON'T COME WITH A HEALTH WARNING!! Every time you eat a salad here you risk that it's been grown/washed in contaminated water. They even sell something called Sur Eau - a bleach solution to soak your veggies before you eat them.
 A pedicure!!!!!!!!!!! The one I got in South Africa sucked. There is this cheap and AWESOME place near my grandparents that I can't WAIT to go to.
 A HAIR SALON!!!!!!!!!! I need a real hair cut after the sorta butcher job I got yesterday. I need help!
Weirdest of all is a cupcake. Most rotations I go through a "craving". It was Juicy Fruit gum one rotation, then milk another rotation,  but this rotation, I want a cupcake!!!!!

Moksha yoga!! This yoga used to kill me until I moved here. I swear living in a humid climate has made it easier to get through these killer classes!!

I can't wait to get on the plane and toast this crappy rotation away with a glass of champagne. And then again with a latte and a cupcake. :)