Haven't put up very many pictures lately, so here's a bit of catch up for the last week.

Sunday, I was in the Independence Day parade representing our project. So many companies rallied together to walk in the parade.
 Not sure what company this guy works for???
 Some companies were even cool enough to come up with a dance.
 I hope this isn't what he has to wear to work?
 Walking down Independence Avenue. And yes, just in case you're wondering, I stood out A LOT. Generally vazas aren't involved in these kinds of things, never mind a giant vaza. Some of the staff I had never met asked to have their picture taken with me. Just another day of living the celebrity life in MG...
Yesterday was a baby shower. I have totally been sucking in the social I made sure to go. We took the regular bus the employees take to work.
 And it dropped us off as close as it could get to near the baby's momma's house.
 Since it's been raining a lot...the roads are full of water.
 And require some minor acrobatic skills. Somehow I managed to get from point A to point B without falling into the...yuck...water....or whatever that is...
 We waited outside for a bit. Not quite sure why.
And then finally we went inside. Traditionally, the entire person's department visits the new parents' home and bring along well wishes and a small monetary gift.
 The proud parents!
 I got to hold the baby for a few minutes. Not the best at that kind of thing....
 She looked pretty cute, though. I might have to bring one home with me one day.
And then brings today. Yesterday I sent out an email asking the staff to wear red and white for Canada Day. We had decorated the office for Malagasy Independence Day, and it was a hit, so we thought we'd continue with the celebrations. SO FREAKING IMPRESSED with the turn out.

One of my favorite co-workers wore my "Kiss A Canadian" t-shirt. Thanks to my favorite housekeeper, I don't have any "Canada" t-shirts. So I wore one of Louis' Montreal t-shirts and a Canadian flag as my dress. This was also to keep the peace between a few...ahem...seperatist Canadians. Last week there was a minor scandal regarding the lack of celebration for St. Jean Baptiste Day.
There is some kind of party at the tiki bar on Camp for Canada Day....but they're usually pretty lame so I'm not sure if I'll make an appearance.

I'm super impressed with all of the national staff - and not just those in Finance. SO many people wore Canada gear today!