Vacation Day #1

This post might not make any sense, I am mega jetlagged and forming sentences is hard work at the moment.

I got word that the Finance team has joined Julien's wife and family and were at his house until 2 am last night. Also, they have been planning food, etc for the family that will come to visit during the mourning process.

The sense of coming together from this tragic event has touched me so much. Although the situation is a horrible one, it made me remember the Malagasy culture in general, and they are always there to support one another. I sent the team an email yesterday or the day before, telling them about my last night with Julien, and how I think he heard the words that I told him and that he knew that he was loved and in everyone's prayers. I also told them that I think I am beyond proud to be part of the Finance team.

I'm a little less mind boggled about the whole sequence of events now. Naturally, I'm still sad, I still re-play a lot of the events, but I'm less confused and less....shaken up.

That being said, I had an extremely well deserved great day today. My grandparents played chauffeur for me for the day and drove me to the dentist, then we went out for lunch, all three of us got pedicures, and then went to Starbucks. I don't think I could ask for much more on my first day back. Well, I could ask that I be one of those people that bounces right back from jetlag... but I don't see that ever happening...