Name that Crazy Tune...

I may have brought it up once or twice....but the cell phone ring tones here drive me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.

Well, today I'm suffering from mega-jetlag. And also having to suffer through having some computer program problems resolved. Oh, and ....the people solving them are just randomly guessing what to do....and I sit there like an idiot - while they take over my computer and try to figure out what's going on.

The first few times this happened, I ran around like a gorilla, getting mad at people, chasing down the entire IT department, kicking people out of my office... but today... today was different. I was jetlagged and instead of being tired - I'm goofy and laughing at everything and anything.

So after the first hour of the computer repair shenanegans had gone by, and IT guy #1 was talking on my landline to IT guy #2 on speakerphone, I was getting annoyed. Also, IT guy #1's cell phone kept ringing. A tune....where and how he got it is beyond me. I told him that I thought it was a song from my grandparent's generation. He didn't believe me. So I made him play the ringtone and I recorded it.

I am sure that there's someone out there that knows the name of this song. And if so, please send me the name so that I can look up the words and sing the song to the guy every time that it rings.  I'm serious.

But the best part of this little crazy moment of mine? Was that the IT guy #1 had to turn around and plug one of his ears so that he cound concentrate. I wonder how long it will take him to realize that...his cellphone ringtone is really loud, really anoying, and maybe other people think so too??? Probably never. But it was a good for a laugh.


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  2. SoundHound says it's "Crying in the Chapel" by Floyd Cramer.

  3. Yup Mike has it right; Crying in the Chapel...
    could be very annoying!
    love and


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