Random Update

I don't have anything much to update. This may not be such a bad thing. This week has been weird like any other week, but  more normal.

If I had to provide an update, here's what's been going on that's exciting in my life
  • I had to explain to Moose the difference between "pop" and "poop" yesterday. Love moments like this.
  • I try not to obsessively visit the Hawaiian cruise website. I try not to talk about Hawaii, or what I'm going to wear to Hawaii, or what I'm going to eat on the cruise ship, or what my hotel looks like, etc, etc. I think everyone I know is pretty sick of the Hawaii talk.
  • I sort of got back into yoga this week. Forgot how tough it can be. I need to do it more often.
  • My coworker/friend put a fridge in her office. This means so many things. I can have milk in my coffee (have been using powdered until now. And the milk is so-so. It's UHT which still creeps me out). It also means that I can bring in a pop or two. Right now the only place we can buy pop is about a five minute walk from the office. By the time I get back, it's usually warm. Bring on the Coke Zero.
  • I had a Baileys on ice after my massage yesterday and it cost $15CDN. A pack of cigarettes cost $1CDN
  • Louis and I have a bet - if he doesn't quit smoking by Hawaii, he'll have to wear a pair of the most hideous Oilers swimming trunks the entire trip.
  • We have been getting some people from Canada/USA visit our office. It's always crazy to see people that you met in Canada when you're living here. I get a little over-excited.
  • My flight to the capital of Madagascar (in 12 days....) was changed from 16h00 to 11h00. I think that means a little Marché de la Digue shopping.
  • I am getting increasingly impatient with people that "reply all". A few months ago I sent out an email to our entire staff with some email etiquette tips. I really want to send it out to the entire company (but won't).
  • Not to talk too much shop – but I work in Compliance/Risk. Which means – we are the bad guys. We are the ones that make work for you and implement controls and are generally a pain in your ass. But the progress over the past six months has been amazing. So I have declared September 2nd – INTERNAL CONTROL DAY. I’m not sure if there will be decorations (come on, who I am kidding), but we’ll bring in croissants. My Malagasy boss will do a little thank you speech, and then he’s going to give me a FULL complete sentence or TWO to say after the speech – all in Malagasy. I’m really good at saying things like, “See you tomorrow”, or “Working late!”, or “Did you have a nice lunch?”, or “Are you tired?”. But nothing like a full complete sentence. I am excited. I am such a dork but these kinds of things totally excite me. I’m already wanting to google “How to Throw an Internal Control Party”.
  • I'm supposed to go out tomorrow night and I think I owe my friends a "fun Nicole" night not a "I'm usually asleep by 22h00 on a Saturday Nicole" that's been hanging around here lately. Which means that my Sunday will be a write off. Oh, well. At least I'll get some good exercise dancing!!!
  • There are no longer guards at the bank machine. This means that now little street children come begging for money. I have NO idea why, but they say, "Chop! Chop!!". I had an apple and an orange in my purse. The little girl that took the apple was the size of an 18 month old but was at least 3 years old. She was so adorable and tried to hide her apple by tucking it under her sweater.
  • My SLR camera is not working. Fabulous since I have a cruise coming up....in 14 days....
That's it. That's the exciting life that I live. Now I'm off to go and try my hand at yoga. I'm not particulary active these days.