Yay Jetlag!!!

I hate jetlag. I despise jetlag. It makes me (more) crazy. I'm tired, cranky, happy one minute, falling asleep the next minute, can't sleep when I want to, (more) overly sensitive....it just isn't fun.

However - this time going home the jetlag is going to be AWESOME. I will spend six days where all my meals are fresh, prepared, and available when I want. I have fitness classes (yoga, bootcamp, spinning!) or a track to run. There is even a coffee shop. Okay, it's not Starbucks or Second Cup....but it's still a coffee shop. Salad, milk, seedless grapes...ahh.... for six full days I have NOTHING to do. Nothing scheduled or arranged. Okay, I lied - I have a massage, a pedicure, and a manicure scheduled. Soooo tough.

This time, I'm counting down the days until I'm jetlagged. And as far as for when I come back...well...that's another story that I don't want to think about....