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This rotation is already off to a good start. All of our flights were late HOWEVER, we never missed any connections and ALL of my luggage arrived!!! I don't think I could ask for more than that!

Now....I'm trying to self-hypnotize myself into beleiving that jetlag does not exist.

2 Down, 3 to go

I love Hawaii!!! I had a great time!!

I'm just on the freaking long process of getting back home. 5 flights. Total air time is 29 hours, not including layovers. We'll be adjusting to a 13 hour time difference (instead of a 9 hour time difference) so jetlag will be wonderful. Actually, it's not too bad because I only have 2.5 days of work until my first day off, which will be spent sleeping.

And, a small wish to the toilet gods, please let my stomach adjust in a more peaceful manner to MG. It seems that too often when I come back that I have some weird stomach thing happen. It's a simple thing that makes ALL the difference.

See ya soon MG!

I heart Hawaii!

I love it here in Japan Hawaii!!! It's totally touristy but totally awesome!!! And I'm even happier to BE ON DRY LAND!!


We are docked in Honolulu. I have two more hours to wait until Louis picks me up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So excited. Bring on the 2nd part of the vacation!!! I'm staying in a freaking wicked hotel and I can't wait!!!!!!!

Final Night On the Ship

Well, it's been an...interesting cruise. The cruise was initially booked for a friend's wedding but was changed to just a grandparent/grandaughter vacation. I don't think that's an often occurence, so I consider myself pretty lucky. I haven't had a ton of time to spend with my family in the last 2+years. We talk on the phone, see each other when I'm visiting Canada, but not like...any significant amount of time. So I'm glad we got to hang out and even better hang out on a ship in Hawaii!

Tonight we were talking how things are different for me. My grandparents observe a quieter, more cautious me. This could be in part due to jetlag and sea sickness, but I notice a difference in myself in these types of situations too. Sometimes I think I've adjusted too much to life in the jungle, and then when I'm out of it, I sit back and observe more and participate less. I'm not saying this is a good or a bad thing. But, I kinda feel like...the clichéd "…

Day 9

I loved the beachI had a run-in with a Coach store. The damage was minimal.Can't wait to upload pictures when I have wi-fi that isn't more expensive than macadamia nuts. My blog posts may even be interesting then.I tried on every single bathing suit in the entire mall near the beach. I want to give up eating everything but Yogurtland. Does Canada have these yet? OMG. Ridiculously amazing.I haven't seen a Starbucks yet. I hope they have them in Waikiki because I need to pick up supplies for back home!I'm in Maui again tomorrow. Not sure what to do. Just happy that there's no sea sickness sailing for another day.


I'm tired.

Today's shore tour was to see chocolate, coffee, and soap. We saw. It was boring.

We saw some trees. We heard some people talking about some trees. We even saw a man feeding chickens! HOW FREAKING EXCITING.

Lesson of the day: Do not sign up for tours using the cruise.

Tomorrow we're going to shore and winging it. And will have a damn good time.

Because I'm me

Because I'm me, I pissed around this morning and was running a tiny bit late to meet up for my shore excursion.

Because I'm me, when I had to produce my ticket for the shore excursion, I couldn't find my wallet.

Because I'm me, I had to ask the entire tour to wait for me while I re-cleared security, ran up seven flights of stairs, stormed through my room, sheets, drawers, in search of my wallet.

If you've spent any time with me,  you know how this story ends.

Because I'm me, I'm covered in sweat, breathing heavy after running seven flights of stairs, and of course, I find the magical wallet, inside my bag, in the special place where I always put it.

Because I'm me, I ran back down the seven flights of stairs, apologized to my entire tour group, and never told them the real story.


Land ho!

I made it through DAY 6!! Today I was the least sea sick. It was cold/wet most of the afternoon but I still managed to spend most of it outdoors.

AND tonight it was formal night! Finally the dress and shoes that I bought got put to good use. Well, sort of. I got pictures taken in them. And then ate. And then more pictures. And now...I'm going to retire for the evening. Yes, retire. It's called retire when it's not quite 9pm and your grandparents are staying up later than you. What can I say.

I guess I can always use the excuse that I'm jetlagged? days ago??? Or that I have to get up early?

Anyway, tomorrow we reach our first port of call, Hilo. I've signed up for "Cave and Lagoon Trecking". What the F that is, I have no idea, because I was so freaking excited and gung ho for this cruise that I booked all kinds of things in advance. All I know is I have a ticket for it, and it starts and 09h45. I am kinda scared of the dark. I don't real…

Day 5

Get me onto some dry land.

Goodnight Day 4

I've been sea sick for only parts of the day. I invested in some of these accu-pressure wrist cuffs. Let's see if they work. Tonight my grandpa was sea sick and we have bascially decided that we are not "cruise" people. Sadly (:P) there was no crafting. Turns up you have to show up at least a half an hour early because the craft ladies mean business and there is a limited supply. If we go tomorrow, I'm going to wear my biggest rings to secure us a spot.We have a Ben & Jerry's cafe on board. I walk past it every day but haven't been able to eat there yet. I haven't been playing paparazzi! What is wrong me with!! I've only taken picture of one meal so far!! My cruise pictures are going to suck!I brought multiple outfits for different days thinking I would get all dressed up and co-ordinate my accesories and everything. Um. Nope. I wore makeup the first time today. I have been basically wearing the same clothes and my bathing suit. So much for lo…

Day 4

I think?

Last night's sea sickness was at an all time high. I thought I was doing better but spent from 4pm onwards in bed. I guess it's good to rest on vacation, right? I woke up around 3am and had a luxurious meal of green apple and crackers. Ah, this is the life. :S

Today's plans:
Crafting, making a beaded necklast"Power walk" with my grandpa (while my grandma laps us!)Pay the nineteen bazillion dollars and download iTunes so that I can feel like a whole person again. I am so addicted to my iTouch!!Try running....NOT GET SEA SICK!!!Shopping! They have a sale on ten dollar watches and my last ten dollar watch just broke. We booked a few excursions yesterday. Even with the sea sickness, I'm having a good time. But I think I'm ready for land!!

Bake at 350*F for 30 minutes

I had the weirdest spa treatment today. I signed up for it in advance when I was having one of my "I'm a millionaire" moments. I was basted (with seaweed something), then wrapped in foil, then heated up, then rinsed, then re-wrapped in foil and then massaged. If I was fish I'm sure I'd be tasty.

But - as of this morning I'm feeling less sea sick and have nearly got my sea legs!! Woo hoo!!

Boat: 1; Nicole:0

Yeah...about those waves...not doing so well with them.

I didn't have to worry about eating a light lunch or supper to make up for the big breakfast I had. Or worry about running....unless it's to find the nearest washroom.

Here's hoping Tomorrow my body will adjust to the motion of the boat.

Wave Crasher

I've been on one cruise before so I am no expert. But these are some mother crazy waves!!! There are little containers on each level full of (empty) sickness bags.

Between jetlag and the boat moving around, I didn't sleep much last night. Oh, and thanks Royal Carribean for stocking the mini-fridge with chocolate. Insomnia + acess to chocolate??? Damnit.

I am dying without my iTouch. This afternoon I'm going to go try to run on the track. Without music, with jetlag, and with the boat rocking back and be interesting.

My grandparents are having a super time!!!!! I'm having a great time and will be having an even greater time once I get a full night's sleep.

Last night I spent a full hour unpacking. Yes, it is a little over the top to bring eight scarves/wraps and twelve pairs of shoes. But I couldn't decide.

Today's plan:
- Read
- Eat a healthy lunch and supper to make up for my chocolate party and carb rave this morning
- Run (or try to…

On the boat!

I am mega jet-lagged and totally out of it, but somehow I made it on the boat. We are having a super awesome time, even if it's only been a few hours. I plan on being extremely ....crap...I can't think of the word. But I plan on taking pictures of what I wear every night for supper because since moving to the jungle I NEVER dress up and it's actually kind of fun.

We've met a few people from the group that we were originally scheduled to go with and they are all super nice.

Bad news: I lost my iTouch. This thing is my lifeline.
Worse news: I bought another one. The 64G one. I thought about the iPad, but couldn't figure out how I would be able to run with it. :P
Triple Worse News: I think it's going to cost me nine billion dollars to download anything to it. I'd settle for 45 minutes of fun music so I can run. I hate these moments where I think I'm a bazillionaire.

Now, Fantastic news: I have a suitcase full of fun clothes, I"m getting a pedicure …


I'm in the Tana airport using a French keyboard which makes typing ridiculously hard!

Leaving for Paris in a few minutes.

I'm not sure any rotation is "normal", but this one feels particularly strange.

Which really doesn't matter at this point because I'm on MY WAY TO HAWAII!!!!!!

5922 Minutes.....


Lost Weekend

For...whatever reason, I've been really on edge the last two weeks.

Me "on edge" + a tired Louis = not super fun times.

I had plans for supper and a night on the town. Louis was exhausted, but rallied and said he would come to supper, at minimum.

Saturday's usually grocery day, so when I was out, I thought....hey...I'm going out tonight for supper at this cool hotel, called Calypso. Louis is joining me for supper but he's super exhausted....wouldn't it be nice to book a room at the hotel? (Side note - this is the one and only hotel in Toamasina that I would ever even consider staying at. It is actually a REALLY nice hotel!)

So I stopped in the hotel, and luckily they had a suite!! And it was right next door to one of our friends (the project is currently at over capacity for housing so some staff live in the hotel).

I wanted it to be a surprise, so I packed my gigantic purse along with a beach bag full of clothes, yogurt and granola, Starbucks VIA, bo…

The Beibs in Action?

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again.

It’s all about the little things. My “little” thing this week – was my laptop.

Over the past year, I have gone through…probably four laptops. I sit at my desk, and they just shut off. So I reboot and start working again. But after…a few days of this, it’s frustrating. After a few weeks, it’s even more frustrating.

I go over to IT Helpdesk, pound on the door. (They are the only ones that get to have an office area with a segregated wall that’s locked. I’m not sure if it’s to safeguard computers and stuff, or to make sure that people don’t barge in and start yelling at the staff.)

So, like I was saying, I go over, knock, tell them my problem. They run some kind of diagnostic. It’s fixed. For a few weeks. And then it happens over and over again until finally I get a new computer. But the same model as the one that is broken.
(I’ll save you from the stories of the SERIOUS battles I’ve had to get a software properly implemented. Those …