Because I'm me

Because I'm me, I pissed around this morning and was running a tiny bit late to meet up for my shore excursion.

Because I'm me, when I had to produce my ticket for the shore excursion, I couldn't find my wallet.

Because I'm me, I had to ask the entire tour to wait for me while I re-cleared security, ran up seven flights of stairs, stormed through my room, sheets, drawers, in search of my wallet.

If you've spent any time with me,  you know how this story ends.

Because I'm me, I'm covered in sweat, breathing heavy after running seven flights of stairs, and of course, I find the magical wallet, inside my bag, in the special place where I always put it.

Because I'm me, I ran back down the seven flights of stairs, apologized to my entire tour group, and never told them the real story.